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It has a strong action in preventing metastasis of cancer cells and also in increasing the while blood cell count.

If administered during chemo and radiotherapy, it will help to maintain normal white blood cell levels thus enhancing immunity and quality of life.

Natural medicine for the effective treatment of cancer. Prevents the metastasis(growing) of cancer cells in more than 40 types of cancers and the obvious function of increasing white blood cells.

Administration during the chemotherapy and radiotherapy maintains the level of white blood cells, enhancing immunity and rapidly recovers the constitution.

As an adjuvant to operations, it promotes wound healing after operations, speeds up recovery and return of physical strength.

It treats arthritis and rheumatic pains, improving sexuality, osteoporosis and osteoohyte, stress, tiredness, leukemia, vitality.


Normal dosage: 1 capsule daily (as well as for maintenance). 

For treatment: 6 capsule daily for 45 days.

Nutritional information:

Ginsenosides and extraction of red ginseng 350mgx30 capsules.

Caution: Not to be taken by children younger than 12 years.

D.O.H. Classification: Complimentart Health Product.

Delivery is possible outside Nigeria based on agreement. 

Delivery within Lagos is payment on delivery.

Delivery outside Lagos is possible based on agreement.

Can be reached via Whatsapp or CALL. 

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